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At Sole Inspired Cards, we’re bringing snail mail back, baby! Nothing says, “I love you,” “You’re amazing” or “You got this” like a card in the mail from someone you love. We’re delivering hope, love, and courage, one card at a time.

Oh, and did we mention that incredible warm fuzzy feeling you get when you’re the sender?  Because when you send a card, you’re sending so much more! You’re sending courage in a card, praise on paper, or a nudge in a note.

It’s a busy world, and you might be tempted to shoot someone a Facebook or Instagram message instead of sending a handwritten card. It’s so much easier, right? But here’s the deal: chances are, the post you quickly dashed off will move down the feed, never be seen, or even worse (gasp) be deleted forever!

A digital message is easy to miss, but a handwritten note from a friend is hard to ignore.

There’s a reason your Sole Inspired Card will be mounted on the mantle or displayed on the desk, or stay nestled on the nightstand for days and weeks to come. It’s a visible reminder that someone believes in you! Someone is cheering for you! Someone believes you’re boiling over with grit and determination and fight!

What if you honestly don’t have time to send a handwritten card to a friend? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! When you order online, we can hand-write a message for you and deliver hope, love, and courage to the people you love or the people you lead.

Send hope, send love, send courage. Send a Sole Inspired Card today!

Sole Inspired cards are locally sourced and printed on recycled paper.