Do you sweat during your walk, run or workout? Are you looking for a sweat wicking option for your head that’s also stylish? Look no more, we’ve got you covered. This stretchy, breathable headband fits virtually every head-size and shape. It’s 100% American made and can be worn by itself, or under any hat, visor or helmet. These headbands are also stylish enough to wear when you are out and about!

Here’s what customers are saying:

“The moment that I saw the headband featured in the Sole Inspired Instagram post, I had to have it, the stylish design was totally unique from any other headbands in the market.  Even though I am not a runner, the cuteness of the headband is perfect to compliment athleisure wear.  Ease of ordering and quick delivery!” —Donna

“That video YOU posted, wringing out the sweat…… is real life! That is how well those work! I have definitely done that many times with these bands. I love them. Thank you.” —Sara

“To be honest, I didn’t know why men wore these. After seeing how much sweat they held during my 6 mile run, now I know.” —John

“I can’t believe how much sweat these bands absorb. I love them for my runs. Nailed it.” —Erica

Thank you Sole Inspired customers for sharing your pictures with us!